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      The Saddle and Harness Association is a Southern California non-profit organization that strives to bring together equine enthusiasts to promote the sport of riding and pleasure driving, to further the education of competitors, as well as the audience, in equine sports and activities, to learn everyday, to encourage beginners and to do all this with everyone's safety in mind and a good sportsmanlike attitude. The club considers beginners and new members equally as valuable as veteran members, riders, drivers, and trainers. Exclusive attire, equipment, equines and carriages are not required to participate. Safety is the top priority.

      Saddle and Harness is a premiere Norco horse club and hosts six horse shows each year. The club also participates in several local equestrian parades. Saddle and Harness also participates in events with other clubs and encourages its members to support local equine events, activities and shows. Saddle and Harness serves the Inland Empire, Riverside, San Bernardino and surrounding communities.

     To become a Saddle & Harness member or sponsor click on the "Forms" tab above. All shows will be held at the George Ingalls Equestrian Center located at 3737 Crestview Dr. Norco, Ca 92860. Directions can be found under the "Location" tab. 

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